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Class Descriptions

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Monday through Thursday Classes

(for Kids entering grades 1-6):

The Teacher to Student ratio is no more than 1/8. There will be breaks, or “group dynamics,” where all the students will create a picture together, do crafts, dance, etc.  All Student artwork will be held for the BIG ART SHOW!!!



a) Students will learn about the Encaustic style (melted crayons), as well as various Encaustic techniques.

b) Students will practice each of these techniques.

c) Students will apply their favorite techniques to create “beautifully expressive” final pieces.


Sketching and Watercolor

a) Students will be introduced to basic drawing and composition skills, as well as different watercolor techniques.

b) With sketching, Students will plan and draw various things (i.e. animals, trees, flowers, landscapes, etc.).

c) Students will select their favorite watercolor technique to paint their final Art pieces.


Sketching and Magic Sculpture: Fantasy Creatures

a) Students will be introduced to design and proportion techniques.

b) With sketching, each Student will make a solid plan for an original fantasy creature.

c) Using an array of materials, Students will sculpt and bring to life their new creatures.


Sketching and Junk Art

a) Students will be introduced to design and proportion techniques.

b) With sketching, Students will brainstorm and design original and unique things.

c) Students will break apart and use old appliances, toys, etc. to build their new creations.


Match the Masters

a) Students will be introduced to techniques and principles employed by some of the greatest Artists of all time.

b) Students will try their hands at each Artist’s approach.

c) Students will create original Art pieces “in the style of” these Artists.


Music and Art

a) Students will be introduced to rhythms from Africa and make their own percussion instrument.

b) Students will learn and practice using the 5 types of Artistic line.

c) While listening to drum rhythms, Students will create African masks and original Art using dancing lines and colors.


3-D, Perspective & Cartooning

a) Students will be introduced to depth and illusion techniques for converting 2-dimensional paper into 3-dimensional drawings.

b) Students will use rulers to apply these techniques in original ways.

c) For their final pieces, Students will draw cartoon characters in 3-dimensional spaces.


Friday Classes

(for Youth grades 7-12):

Dry Media, Encaustic, & Oil Painting

Students will have the option to do:

– Landscapes

– Face Features

– Figure Drawing

– Still Life

– Abstract